Evaluation of the CCE F2F


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After Action Review of CCE f2f

The CCE network core group came up with the following points in an After Action Review exercise:

[slideshare id=8521833&doc=afteractionreviewofcoregroupf2fcuzcoccenetwork-110706071940-phpapp01]

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Mini Docu Video of the PACC Policies component

Group 3 visited a component of the PACC which encourages the elaboration of local and regional policies to face climate change. Below you’ll find a short video summarising the essentials of the visit.

[youtube 0P7bUHyIdkA]

Social reporters: Veena Joshi and Luca de Giovanetti (with the support of Nara Weigel)

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And the Winners are…

The social reporting team organised a photo contest during the CCE f2f and a number of very nice photos were submitted throughout the week:

[slideshare id=8197846&doc=slideshowphotocontest-110603092506-phpapp02]

On the last day of the f2f, the winners of the photo contest were announced – see the photos of the winners below:

[slideshare id=8130697&doc=topfive-110527180808-phpapp01]

A big thank you to the photo contest committee – Anelí Gómez, Yasmin Jalil, Manuel Stark and Jocelyn Ostolaza – who met the difficult task of selecting winners…

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All Open Space Discussion Reports

Click on the links below to open the pdf files. The first three reports were prioritised for follow up:

1. OS Report Promoting the Climate and DRR-Check

2. OS Report Climate Change Adaptation-Providing Thematic Guidance and Clarity

3. OS Report Bringing Mountains into the CCE Network

For a short video-summary of the three prioritised action items mentioned above,  please go to “next steps” in the menu!

4. OS Report Effective E-cooperation

5. OS Report REDD Initiatives at Country Level

6. OS Report Relevance of Black Carbon in Mitigation Projects

7. OS Report Dynamising NW after the F2F

8. OS Report Sharing experience, collaboration, continuity – Bricks

9. OS Report Organic Growth of the CCE Network through the opportunity of the 0.5 Bill

10. OS Report Recommendations for NAPA

11. OS Report Recommendations for Next f2f Meetings

12. OS Report Contribution Targets GPCC

13. OS Report Interaction between CCE and DRR Networks

14. OS Report What happened to the E of the CCE Network

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